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The Fitness Room is primarily equipped with cardio training machines: treadmills, cross trainers, stationary bike, stepper, as well as a bench, dumbbells, skipping ropes and mats. It is a perfect place for training that increases fitness and endurance. All cardio machines are equipped with devices that display the distance covered, training time and the number of calories burned.

Cardio training is nothing more than endurance and aerobic training, thanks to which we will not only increase the metabolic rate, but also accelerate the process of burning unnecessary fat and improve the efficiency of our body.

Convalescents, the eldersly and those suffering from skeletal diseases can also use the machines thta do not burden the joints – such as cross trainers.

After the training, it is worth taking a massage to regenerate, relax the body, give your muscles a rest, and also increase blood flow in the body, while reducing tissue tension. By accelerating the process of muscle regeneration, massage increases their ability to undertake another physical effort.



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