Treatment for the body with a tendency to accumulate fat and cellulite. Thanks to the innovative technology of the active ingredient Lipout ™, which activates thermogenesis – fat burning, the treatment eliminates excess fat tissue, increases skin elasticity and firmness, and has anti-cellulite, slimming and draining properties.

Elements of the treatment:

  • Slimming and modeling sugar body scrub
    Natural sugar crystals remove dead epidermis and stimulate microcirculation, showing a strong drainage effect. The composition of the oils (macadamia, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds, grapefruit essential oil) eliminates skin roughness, effectively nourishing it.
  • Slimming and modeling body oil massage
    The effective action of the oil results from a perfectly composed recipe, which uses macadamia oil, Abyssinian oil, borage oil and sweet almond oil in its composition. Product components deeply penetrate into the skin and participate in the process of thermogenesis by stimulating blood and lymph circulation, as well as effectively removing toxins from the body. The product strongly nourishes, firms and tones the skin. The oriental aroma causes a feeling of rest, relaxation and calmness.
  • Slimming and modeling body mask
    The content of the active ingredient Lipout ™ and grapefruit oil in the product contributes to stimulating blood circulation, reducing so-called “Orange peel” and activation and acceleration of the fat burning process. The Cupuacu Butter restores the skin’s vitality, and Shea Butter in combination with macadamia oil moisturizes, nourishes and makes the skin more elastic.

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1,5h360 zł

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